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Seals for General Industrial Applications
With a variety of designs and materials, SKF can offer shaft sealing solutions for almost any powertransmission application. Examples include standard metric rubber outside diameter seals and low- friction seals with the SKF WAVE lip design. SKF also offers solutions with PTFE sealing lips, withstanding aggressive environments, high temperatures and pressures, as well as dry running.
SKF metric rubber outside diameter radial shaft seals, HMS5 and HMSA10, are designed in accordance with ISO 6194-1 and DIN 3760 for use in a wide range of industrial applications. The available size range of HMS5 and HMSA10 seals includes a full coverage of the ISO 6194-1 and DIN 3760 dimensions for shaft diameters up to 250mm (9.842 in) as well as an extensive range of dimensions commonly used in the market.
  • HMS5 RG without auxiliary lip, nitrile Viton
  • HMS5 V without auxiliary lip, Viton
  • HMSA10 RG with auxiliary lip, nitrile Viton
  • HMSA10 V with auxiliary lip, Viton
Seals for Heavy Industry Applications
SKF seals for heavy industry are designed to work under tough operating conditions, such as high speeds and temperatures, while retaining the lubricant and excluding contaminants. Options include heavy-duty metal-cased seals, rubber outside diameter seals with metal inserts or fabric-reinforcement and all- rubber seals.
Fluid Power Sealing Systems
SKF offers a wide range of fluid power seals, designed to optimally work together in well-balanced sealing system solutions in a hydraulic cylinder. The assort- ment includes rod, piston and wiper seals as well as guides, O-rings and back-up rings. SKF fluid power seals are available in a multitude of materials to pro- vide optimal compatibility with the various hydraulic fluids encountered in service.
Machined Seals and Customized Sealing Solutions
Independently of improving an existing design or creating a new solution, SKF can help analyze the application requirements and then select/create the optimal sealing solution. Thanks to SKF SEAL JET manufacturing processes for machined seals, customers benefit from high flexibility and short delivery times for customized sealing solutions.
SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE is a well-proven solution to fix worn shafts within minutes, providing an excellent sealing surface without having to disassemble the shaft or change the seal dimensions. The sleeve combined with an SKF radial shaft seal provides an enhanced sealing system, resulting in a consistent and increased operating durability. This improved service life predictability assists with maintenance planning. For large shafts, SKF can also offer wear sleeves for heavy industrial applications.
V-ring Seals
V-ring seals are all-rubber seals for rotating shafts. Featuring a conical-shaped sealing lip joined to the body with a resilient “hinge,” V-ring seals install directly on the shaft and rotate with it, retaining lubricants and excluding water spray and solid contaminants. They can also act as a grease valve. SKF offers V-ring seals in different designs, materials and sizes to meet most application requirements.
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